“He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me.” (2Samuel 22:20 NLT)

I’m typing this today (using my feet) from, Dripping Springs, TX. We have been here since the Sunday night (one month ago) when we were rescued from the second shelter. My son, Jared, and his wife, Rachel (with their 4 boys), have a wonderful home with 9 acres of Hill Country beauty, and we are grateful for everything they do for us. The reason we haven’t been home yet is because Margie is extremely allergic to mold, and I cannot risk my health by breathing where there’s mold. OK, I said all of that as my introduction for this chapter. Here we go….

When we were at the two shelters, Margie and I were trying to think of someone that could come and get us. Sweet little Adalie was exhausted and so were we. Everyone we thought of was either flooded in or the roads getting to us were flooded. We had been talking back and forth with, Jared, who wanted to come three-and-a-half hours to get us… IN A HURRICANE! There were still bands of incredible torrential downpours coming down. Margie told Jared, “Please don’t come now, it’s too dangerous. Roads are being closed everywhere, and even Josh and Courtney can’t get to us.” His reply was, “Mom, me and my friend, Joel, are coming to get you guys in his truck, and we have a metal boat in the back in case we need it. See you soon!”

Let me tell you how serious this was. There was a Policeman nearby when Margie was talking to Jared on FaceTime. After the call she looked at him and asked him if he thought it was safe to drive from the Austin area to our location. He said there were roads closing and he wouldn’t make it through Houston for sure. Then Margie asked him if HE would try to convince Jared. After talking to Jared, the Policeman said, “Um, well, he’s pretty determined to come. Good luck!”

Six hours later, there they were, Jared and Joel walked into the lobby of the 2nd shelter. By then, Courtney and Jayce (who also had water throughout their house) had found their way to meet us. Lots of tears when Courtney was reunited with Adalie. Jayce, whose a fireman and a paramedic, stayed back so him and Joshua could make rescues and help others. All the rest of us piled into the truck and headed to Dripping Springs. Every time we came to high water all you could hear was Margie and Courtney praying like crazy. They had us covered. It was amazing to watch Jared and Joel as they maneuvered cautiously. And, yes, there IS an app. for that. When we pulled into Jared’s house he looked at his phone and said, “They just closed the main highway… AFTER we passed through!” Luck? No. Favor? Yes.

In Him, Pastor Kevin Kinchen

Prayer and Dirty Feet


In John chapter 13, Jesus washed the disciple’s feet to show them the “almost lost art” of serving others. It was an act of humility when Jesus voluntarily did the menial work of a slave; He set the example for us to follow. Serving instead of being served.

When I was camp director at Victory Camp (victorycamp.com) for 12 years, the BEST services we ever had were the foot washing services. Our teenage counselors would pray while washing the feet of the children in their group. The prayers were from their hearts and often became prophetic words for individual children. The innocence and faith of the children was revealed when they asked their counselors, “Will you sit down so we can pray and wash your feet?” I have rarely seen so many tears and visible compassion, along with the Spirit of God, as lives were changed in the counselors and the children.

How can something like that happen by washing a bunch of dirty children’s feet on a hot Texas summer night? It happened because the counselors (leaders) were willing to put their needs on the back-burner so they could make a difference in someone else’s life. They didn’t use their “title” to show the children who was in charge. They made the CHOICE to serve, instead of being served. They were just like Jesus…. and the results were their proof.

“So if I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you must wash each other’s feet. I’ve given you an example that you should follow. IF YOU UNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS, you are blessed WHENEVER YOU FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE.'” (John 13:14-15, 17)

I would love to hear from some of the VC counselors, interns and staff about what YOU experienced at those foot washing services!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

Wanna make an IMPACT on people around you?


“Research shows that people who read the Bible four or more days a week grow in their faith, maintain their values and live out their Christian worldview. God’s Word at work in hearts and minds has a dramatic impact on culture.” (American Bible Society)

“Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalms 119:105)

It might be helpful to use my “BibleIn2” through the Bible in TWO YEARS reading plan. Subscribe for free, using your email address, and you will receive 32 verses from the Old Testament and 11 from the New Testament daily. And don’t worry, if you skip a day or two….or more, it will always start back right where you left off. That way you don’t have to play catch up. It gives you time to KNOW GOD! Go to: http://www.BibleIn2.com.

In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

Jesus is not into long-distance relationships.


You know it’s kind of funny when I post messages that cause people to examine their life and make changes that are challenging and uncomfortable. It’s funny because there is so little response. Yet, if I post a picture of my granddaughter, Adalie, I get tons of response. So, I have an idea…while admiring Adalie’s cuteness, join me in some “tough self-analysis” to create a Godly society for Adalie’s generation. Our world is in chaos and Jesus cures chaos. But Jesus has chosen to use people, people who KNOW Him and aren’t afraid to SHOW Him to the world. With that being said, please read all of this message…and I welcome your comments.

In Luke 22:54-62 we find a mob of the chief priests, temple guards, and leaders who had come to arrest Jesus. As they carried Him off, Peter, followed at a distance. On the way someone accused Peter saying, “This man was with Jesus.” Peter denied it by saying, “I don’t know Him, woman.” Two more times Peter denied knowing or associating with Jesus….something he said he would never do. Just then the Lord turned and looked directly at Peter. At that moment Peter remembered the words Jesus spoke to him earlier; “You will say three times that you don’t know me.” And at that moment Peter went outside and cried bitterly.

In today’s society I wonder how many times we have denied our relationship with Jesus. Whether we are afraid to pray over our meal in public, or we fear the ridicule of people we work with, or friends we hangout with, or even family; it’s all a form of denial. We need to put a stop to pretending to be a Christian on Sunday and becoming worldly during the week. Either we ARE or we ARE NOT a true, sold-out, grounded in His word Christian that has a relationship with God. How do I know this? I know it because in Luke 22:54 it says when they arrested Jesus and led him away to the chief priest’s house…..Peter followed at a distance. That’s our problem today, there are too many Christians that follow Jesus “at a distance.” Jesus isn’t into long-distance relationships. He wants up front, close, personal, and intimate relationships.

HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS — The Lord had already told Peter earlier that satan had demanded to have him and the apostles for himself. He (satan) wanted to “separate” Peter from Jesus as a farmer separates wheat from husks. BUT THEN Jesus said, “I have prayed for you, Simon (Peter), that your faith will not fail. So when you have repented and turned to Me again, strengthen your brothers.” (Luke 22:31-32) THAT is our answer! We must be honest with ourselves so we can realize and recognize the areas in our lives where we are “denying” Jesus. We need to repent, which means “to change our mindset and change our actions.” Then we make the decision to turn to Jesus again…..no matter what people say or do. And guess what, just like Peter, we have Jesus praying for us….”Therefore He (Jesus) is also able to save to the uttermost those WHO DRAW NEAR to God through Him, seeing that He lives forever to make intercession for them (us).” You are not doing this alone. Jesus has your back!

I’m praying that everyone who reads this will learn from Peter’s experience and choose to make a turnaround and follow Jesus up close and personal; instead of following Him at a distance. And remember, in 15 or 20 years, Adalie will be grateful that YOU made the right choice.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen