As you can imagine, with a ministry vision of doing everything possible to chip away at reaching the billions of individuals that circle the globe, there has to be a means for bringing in finances.  Those finances fuel our mission statement to “preach, publish, and proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, around the clock.”  Our finances come through donations from people like you.  It’s that simple, but, it’s also THAT important.  I don’t want to make a big push to get your monthly or one-time support, however, it IS necessary for you to realize your support is BIG.  It’s BIG to me, it’s BIG to those we reach, and it’s certainly BIG to God.  With that in mind, pray about becoming an E-quip Partner.  Whether it’s a monthly donation or a one-time donation we will pray you receive a minimum of a one hundred fold return for your seed sown into good soil. “Thank You” in advance for the generosity of your heart and of your finances.



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