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E-quip is called to: Preach, publish, and proclaim the True Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, around the clock. With a vision to reach the masses, yet with compassion to see the individuals IN the masses, we are using every way possible to bring in the “huge harvest” described in Matthew 9:35-38. We want to utilize every form of communication; from audio and video, to writing and speaking, whether in person, or through the Internet and satellite…to win, disciple, and train people for true Christian living.

The “E-quip Message Player” has over 125 messages in video and audio formats. More messages are added monthly and all of our “PK Classics” are available as well. You can view and listen to all messages on any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Use any browser to access the online-player HERE. Or you can download the “” app below. Once you have downloaded the app, just do a search for “ Ministries.” The app is now available on Roku!  And finally, you can access our player through the podcast category of iTunes and the podcast app for iPhones and iPads. Search for Ministries to find our podcast. Thank You!