BibleIn2 Reading Plan

A two-year journey through the Bible sent right to your inbox each day.
Are you tired of starting a ‘through the Bible in one year’ reading program, but never finishing it?

I know that feeling myself. I invite you to try my “through the Bible in TWO YEARS” reading program where you read 32 verses from the Old Testament and 11 from the New Testament daily. In two years you complete the entire Bible at a pace that gives you time to KNOW GOD. And best of all, the verses are emailed directly to your inbox each day for FREE! Get started today because in 2020…

“It’s time to KNOW HIM.”

This plan uses eBible which allows you to choose from several translations, take notes, highlight verses, and access via your computer, Apple, or Android app., etc. If you don’t already have an eBible account then you need to sign up for a FREE account on the eBible logo below or go directly to: (They also have low-cost plans that have more perks…worth every penny.)


After you sign up for eBible, simply sign up for the FREE BibleIn2 reading plan here. BibleIn2 Reading Plan  You can also sign up directly from eBible under their READING PLANS in the “Bible Study” and “Devotionals” categories. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments at:

In appreciation for signing up for the NEW BibleIn2 program you will receive a gift in your first day’s reading. You will find a download link for a FREE digital PDF copy of our book, The Secret Place, Revealed.

New Paperback Version – $10.95 + Tax & Shipping

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