The E-quip Devotion is written FRESH several times each week by either me, Pastor Kevin, or my wife, Margie, and sent out via e-mail to subscribers throughout the world. E-quip is written to encourage you in your pursuit of a personal intimate walk with the Lord, and also to equip you for your day to day walk as a Christian. It would be an honor to serve you with these devotions in hope that each one would awaken a new passion inside of you for quality time with Jesus Christ.

Taking Jesus to the Muslims. (A Mosque in Turkey)

The E-quip Devotion was started on August 31, 1999, with 30 subscribers; all of who were in my youth group at the time in the Houston, Texas area. E-quip has grown to more than 1,300 subscribers and is forwarded to countless thousands, reaching most of the United States and many countries around the world. The thousands of devotions that have been written are now being read by a diverse group of people from nearly every denomination imaginable as well as non-church goers. From pre-teens all the way up to those into their 80’s, both men and women are reading the E-quip Devotion. Whether they are preachers, prisoners, painters, or plumbers, housewives, hairstylists, handymen, or hunters, people of all kinds seem to enjoy these devotions. I get responses from people who say their lives have been enriched, changed, encouraged, and even totally transformed to be more like Christ. Like I said earlier, what an honor!

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