I ’thought’ God told me…

I ’thought’ God told me…

“They don’t understand how to receive God’s approval. So they try to set up their own way to get it, and they have not accepted God’s way for receiving His approval. Christ is the fulfillment of Moses’ Teachings so that everyone who has faith may receive God’s approval.”   (Romans 10:3-4  GW)

I remember when… ‘I tried so hard to gain God’s approval.’ So I tried to set up my own way to get it. When Margie and I lived in Nederland pastoring a church… I ‘thought’ God told me to get my wooden cross,  which I had already been doing, but not ACROSS AMERICA. Yes, thats the plan, from the east coast all the way to the west. I was so sure that God was on board for this. (You can read my book for FREE called, The Secret Place, Revealed, and read the whole Chapter 3. Get yours at  GetMyPDF.com ) 

I know that some of you have already read this ‘quote’ and the ‘paragraph ‘ below. But, go ahead and read it again. 



“The will of God is not a mysterious set of sealed orders we search for and receive if we happen to hit on the right formula. Rather, the will of God is a relationship with Him in which He discloses His purpose, power, and plan for our lives—and in that order…. The Lord’s will for me was to abide, listen, wait—to want Him more than His guidance…. out of love for me, He withheld temporarily what I wanted in order to give me what I needed.” 

“Discovering God’s Will In Your Life”  by Lloyd John Ogilvie

When I was trying so hard to gain God’s approval and His will for me, I found out that I was doing something wrong. The quote and the paragraph you just read was a turning point for me. I HOPE IT DOES THE SAME FOR YOU!  

In Him, 

Pastor Kevin Kinchen 


2 thoughts on “I ’thought’ God told me…

  1. Amen, God is already well pleased with us… because we accept and believe what He did. It takes a while to figure out not to put our salvation in our own works. Someone said this recently in our discussion of the word and it rings true in your teaching here. “Christianity is something God does in You, not something we do for Him” it’s just gets better an better as He brings us along sanctifying us to love like He does. It’s us hoomans that make it such a “thing” instead of resting in him.






    Acronym for grace my friend! Love you and appreciate you much Kevin. I pray all is well with you and Margie. 😊 Kiss Margie for me.

  2. Dear Loving Brother Kevin and Sister Margie and all the Family in JESUS.Greetings to you from INDIA, Thank you so much for your blessed Teachings and we are Strengthening much, Thank you so much for your Love and your India Trip in 2009  brought many Souls and we are reaching for Lord in these interior regions, Please continue to PRAY for us and we are Praying for your Health.LOVE YOU MUCH,Your Sister Lilly and Family and Gospel Teams.INDIA. Please visit our website http://www.suvarthavani.org    means GOSPEL VOICE.

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