Then He went to a house. Another crowd gathered so that Jesus and His disciples could not even eat. When His FAMILY heard about it, they went to get Him. They said, “HE’S OUT OF HIS MIND!”  Mark 3:20-21 (AMP, GW)

Look what other versions of the Bible call it…

“Beside Himself, deranged, carried away with Himself, get Him under control, He is insane, He is off His head.” And those things are what His own FAMILY was saying. Why did they say those things about Jesus? Well, His family was not used to seeing Him like this, not eating and “working” all the time. I read this from a commentary…

“Thomas Edison worked in his laboratory hours upon end without food or sleep. As he approached the discovery of the incandescent light, trays of food went untouched and his family feared that he would collapse from the lack of sleep.”   

When a person is creative in their work, work they love, and on the discovery of a lifetime, everything else will have to take second place. When I wrote my book, The Secret Place, Revealed, I realized that too many years of procrastination had passed. In fact, I felt like God was telling me, “If you don’t write the book NOW you won’t ever write the book.“ That was a strong message and I was going to do something about it. 

Thankfully, God had a plan. We signed up for a weekend course on “How To Write and Publish Your Book” They have the best Blueprint for writing a book. I could not have written my book without their Blueprint.   

Some of our best friends asked me, Why is it taking you so long to finish your book? I said, DISTRACTIONS. I need to be alone with God. 

They pulled out a calendar, their cell phone, and  before I could blink they had me booked on a plane to Aruba. They also booked me in a condominium and a credit card for food. But… there was one thing. I could not come back until I finished my book. I was with God and writing for ONE MONTH! People always say, “Well at least you had those beautiful beaches to relax in.“ Well, ummm I never touched the water or the sand because I was there to write a book. I know that’s CRAZY right? I must be OUT OF MY MIND…..   

In Him, 

Pastor Kevin Kinchen 


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