Are you ready?

How dependent on the Holy Spirit am I willing to live? 

It was around the latter part of 2006 when God asked me this. I didn’t understand why He asked me. I was one of the pastors (for 18 years) for Living Stones Church, and I loved my job. I had a bad fall in our two story house 5 years before this. It was terrible pain that left me on medical drugs (3 pills of 80 ml. Oxycontin daily) with my back for 6 yrs. How could He do anything with me? 

Plus, I only had two preaching engagements – one was a youth group and the other was an out-of-state church where we chose to pay our own way. And a large house I wouldn’t be able to afford… with only two preaching assignments. How in the world could I do what God was asking? 

You have to know that I had tried to do my own thing a few times. They were good things but not God things. So, I mentioned to my Pastor that I didn’t want a paycheck from the church after January 1, 2007. If God was in this I would know. They could take up an offering or stuff like that but I just had to know if God was my source. God (and my Pastor) told me to STOP TRYING and START TRUSTING!  That’s what I did. I “tried” to trust Him. 

God went to work for us like a raging fire. He began with my back when He gave us the name of a back surgeon that diagnosed my problem. He operated on me and I haven’t had any pain at all. Oh, God supernaturally delivered me from those pain meds… overnight! Literally overnight. 

Those two preaching engagements I had turned into many great services. God always made sure we had more than enough money. We preached in local churches throughout Texas and 6 states. We even preached in India, Romania, Costa Rica, and 3 times to Turkey.     

We tried to sell our beautiful house but that was not something God wanted for us. In fact, there were only two buyers interested during the 3 months we had it listed, and they didn’t want it. How did we know God had a different plan? Because He sent someone to buy the house… FOR US! YES, GOD SENT SOMEONE TO PAY OFF OUR MORTGAGE ON THE HOUSE. The person who paid it off told us, ‘God told him to pay it off so we would not have to worry about a house payment.’ We also received a large check for our personal finances to get out of debt, which we needed for all my back trouble for those six years. We also received another large check that was for our ministry. And there were many more people who helped us, and some of them are still investing in us and our ministry. God has definitely proven that HE IS OUR SOURCE. 

Did you NOTICE that GOD was the ONE who made it exactly like HE wanted? We certainly didn’t do all those things. And I haven’t seen that much money ever. 

Think about this, God wiped away six years of pain in my back, HE delivered me overnight from the Oxycontin, HE gave us plenty of places around the world to preach, HE bought our house and gave it back to us… debt free. HE ALSO gave us a large sum of money for us personally so we could get out of debt, and HE blessed our/His ministry with a large donation. We are soooooo blessed to have people that God chose to support everything HE wants us to do. AND… it’s been 12 years now and, God not only did all these things but HE is still “doing what HE wants to do” THRU US! It was, and still is, definitely God’s plan, carried out by the Holy Spirit, and paid for by Jesus Christ. 

So, I will ask you again… “How dependent on the Holy Spirit am I willing to live?”

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

One thought on “Are you ready?

  1. You are an amazing inspiration, little boy with The Biggest Bear.
    Why do most of us still have such a hard time trusting the ONE we say we believe in?

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