On Saturday, May 18, 2019 I had a dream. Before I get into the details of the dream, I want to say that I don’t have very many dreams in such details, especially ones that I remember. And that’s why I’m sharing this one with you. I am sure this dream was from God.

In the dream I was walking into a fast food place. It was a Chick-fil-A. As I walked through the door I noticed a table that had a few people from my High School. At this time in the dream I was watching myself as I began to share a mini-devotion with my friends. It was kind of weird because I was ‘watching’ myself instead of me doing the devotion. I must have felt a freedom to do the devotion because I didn’t look like I was worried or scared.

I dove right in as I said, “I want you to know that GOD WANTS US TO SAY ’THANK YOU.’” Yes, He said, “All I want is a, “THANK YOU.”

We tend to be a little forgetful at times. Have you ever prayed for something you really wanted? You pray every single day for that ’something’ you just can’t live without it. Maybe you start to doubt yourself, or you’re ready to give-up on that ’something.’ BUT WAIT! All of a sudden, it shows up. Your ’something’ showed up from out of ’nowhere.’ Really? Out of nowhere? What about GOD? How about GOD doing that for His children that He loves more than anything.

Are you getting my point? We need to give God a BIG THANK YOU. As I was sharing with the people at the table I told them, “Do you realize how many things we have to be THANKFUL for. Every morning we wake-up we could THANK HIM. I have 9 grandchildren to THANK HIM for. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife, both inside and outside. I can THANK HIM. God has given us 3 children and their wonderful spouses. I need to THANK HIM. And I could go on and on THANKING HIM for all the people He has brought across my path, I could (… and I do) THANK HIM for the HEALING of ALS. I know, I know…. I can see someone saying that I don’t look like I’m free from ALS. Well, that’s not my problem. His Bible says I am whole. BUT, I AM A “the glass is half-full” kind of guy.

Well, I could go on and on…. I just want to make sure you have a spark that will help you to become a better person when it comes to saying THANK YOU!

In Him,
Kevin Kinchen

5 thoughts on “Say, THANK YOU!

  1. Amen!! Pastor K! Living life with an attitude of gratitude is the only way. It is the contrite spirit and a broken heart, God will not despise. Walkin haughty and tall in the
    saddle is in NO WAY our Lord walked.
    Love YOU! Standing with you for the complete manifestation of Healing!
    Love that photo of your leaning on the Hog!

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