Let’s get serious about your life on this earth. OK, now that we covered your life, let’s get serious about the “LIFE THAT GOD HAS ALREADY PLANNED FOR YOU” on this earth.

When our children were growing up we never asked them what THEY wanted to be or what THEY wanted to do. We always asked them what do they think GOD wants them to be or to do. Why did we do that? It’s because there are way too many people that are doing what THEY want to do. If we think about it, God is the One who brought us into this world… and He did that with a purpose, and a reason.

A lot of people are living their life doing what they are good at. However, the Bible has tons of people that started doing what they were good at, but when they surrendered to God, they found out what GOD was good at. And it was usually something that person had never done before. The disciples of Jesus were fishermen/became Disciples , a tax-collector/became Disciple, Luke was a doctor/Wrote the Gospel of Luke, Moses was a slave and stuttered/became a spokesman for God (millions of people), David was a shepherd/became King, and on and on it goes.

That’s what happened to me. All throughout my school years I was terrified to get up in front of people. It tore my stomach up just to think about it. I was heading down alcohol alley because of my fear of people. If you had a lineup of people that were in line for a preacher’s position, you would NOT choose me… but God did. You see, God put me into a position where I would HAVE TO RELY COMPLETELY ON HIM… because KEVIN KINCHEN DOESN’T LIKE TO GET UP IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. But, God knows me better than I know myself. All I had to do was surrender. He does the rest. So, what are YOU going to do… are you going to keep on doing things that you think is good enough, or are you going to seek the Lord and find out what He wants, and the “LIFE THAT GOD HAS ALREADY PLANNED FOR YOU” on this earth……

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen


  1. May I add that one is never too old to do God’s bidding. At 85 He still gives me chores and expects me to do to jobs He gives.

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