OK, according to Facebook I have over 2,000 friends. I hope every one of you will read the 3 paragraphs below. Why? Because they are straight out of the Bible, the GOD’S WORD Bible. They are not only straight out of the Bible, but they, “Let Christ’s Word with all its wisdom and richness live in you.” When we read our Bible, and do what it says, we have God’s wisdom and richness living in us. ENJOY!    

Since you were brought back to life with Christ, focus on the things that are above-where Christ holds the highest position. Keep your mind on things above, not on worldly things. You have died (through baptism), and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Christ is your life. When He appears, then you, too, will appear with Him in glory.

Therefore, put to death whatever is worldly in you: your sexual sin, perversion, passion, lust, and greed (which is the same thing as worshiping wealth). It is because of these sins that God’s anger comes on those who refuse to obey Him. You used to live that kind of sinful life. Also get rid of your anger, hot tempers, hatred, cursing, obscene language, and all similar sins. Don’t lie to each other. You’ve gotten rid of the person you used to be and the life you used to live, and you’ve become a new person. This new person is continually renewed in knowledge to be like its Creator…  

Above all, be loving. This ties everything together perfectly. Let Christ’s word with all its wisdom and richness live in you. Use psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to teach and instruct yourselves about God’s kindness. Sing to God in your hearts.   (Colossians 3:1-10, 3:14, 16 – GOD’S WORD)

In Him, Pastor Kevin Kinchen


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