Rocket Science?


The Sadducees were trying to trick Jesus publicly by asking questions that could get Him arrested. Of course, Jesus knew what they were doing and He beat them at their own game. As the story continued Jesus actually gave them an answer that would change them all, IF they would apply it in their life. Here’s the answer…

Jesus replied, “Your mistake is that you don’t know the Scriptures, and you don’t know the power of God.” (Matthew 22:29)

THIS is what we need in every society, in every nation. It’s time to “know the Scriptures” so we can “know and experience the power of God.“ The Scriptures that this verse is referring to is the Bible. Reading the Bible is not rocket-science. And, yes… it IS possible to understand it. But, reading the Bible is not just reading a book and memorizing a few verses. It is about the One who created it, God. More than anything, reading the Bible will draw us into the greatest relationship we can imagine. We can expect to know the power of God soon after.

I bought a new truck in the late 70’s. I drove it home and it was good except for the steering wheel. Back then most trucks had a knob somewhere on the steering column that allowed you to raise or lower the steering wheel. I looked and looked for it but couldn’t find that knob. After driving with my uncomfortable steering wheel for almost a year, I had enough. My lightning-fast brain told me to READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL! Within 10 minutes I found the knob and adjusted the steering wheel. The owner’s manual was with me the whole time in my glove compartment… I just needed to access it. Perfect!

Unfortunately, we tend to do that with God. Our lifestyle is uncomfortable and we know it. We try to fix ourselves, but our flesh (natural, old-man) is too strong. We get irritated so we just learn to live with our uncomfortable lifestyle. We suffer in and out of our uncomfortable lifestyle for a year, or 10 years, or even more. FINALLY, we realize that we forgot to READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL …GOD’S OWNER’S MANUAL, which is THE BIBLE.

Remember, It’s time to… “know the Scriptures” so we can “know and experience the power of God.”

In Him, Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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