I will be sitting at His feet.

God uses people in different ways for various things. It’s obvious throughout the Bible that God did not do everything Himself. In fact, after creation, He actually moved through people more than He did by personally visiting them Himself. Pastors, teachers, prophets, friends, family, bosses, and even enemies can all be vehicles that the Holy Spirit will use to speak to us.

Is that God’s favorite way? I am not so sure about that. I am glad God speaks through me to others; after all, I am a preacher. However, I wonder if He would love to speak the majority of what He says directly to the people themselves. Think about it. Do you and I always use a spokesperson to talk to our spouse? Well, why not? It’s because we want to have a relationship with them ourselves, and it starts with conversation. Hmmm, I wonder if God feels the same way. Often times, we are so busy in our own things that we make no time to listen to God.

God has sent a host of people throughout my life and He used them to shape my life with new principles. These principles are now a part of my life. I even had lots of spiritual activity, good things……. and yet I’ve had trouble with the most important spiritual activity of all, Time With God. No matter who you are, or how spiritual you may think you are, YOU are truthfully no more spiritual than those you hang out with the most. Period.

That’s why God needs to be in that first place position in our lives. There can only be one first place; anything else is second. None of us can give away what we do not possess. We cannot impart what we are lacking. I know I have Jesus in my life, but I want a constant flow of the Holy Spirit working through me at all times. I desire something fresh to impart to people. I don’t want a plastic, counterfeit kind of love. I want the real love of our God, who IS love, to flow through me. If He wants to talk to me, He doesn’t have to search for me. All He has to do is speak; I will be sitting at His feet.

In Him, Pastor Kevin Kinchen

2 thoughts on “I will be sitting at His feet.

  1. So beautifully said, Kevin. You are a precious gem being used in so many lives. I really treasure you & your wisdom from God. The intimacy of the conversations with God you talk about is critical to hearing Him speaking to us. Sitting quietly now at His feet , thanking Him for you & listening for the pearls He has for me today. Keeping you & yours in my prayers, always. Janis

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