Sometimes, the only way to see a person’s heart is to see them while under extreme pressure. In fact, “the true character of a person is revealed when pressure is applied.” And that’s what happened to my middle son, Joshua, better known as, Josh. He has a construction business called, KinPro, well, now it’s called, AlignPro. While we were in Dripping Springs, Josh and my son-in-law, Jayce, borrowed a flat-bottom boat so they could rescue people in distress. As I watched the news and followed people on Facebook, it felt like I was an outsider looking at the set of an end-times movie production. The devastation was heart-wrenching as I watched videos and saw pictures. So, what about, Josh? Keep reading…

If you follow Josh on Facebook, then you know he has no filter… especially when it comes to God, guns, and politics. Some may not like that side of him, but at least he’s passionate about what he believes in, and you always know where he stands. There is a good thing about “having no filter.“ When Josh puts his heart into something, like rescuing people during a hurricane, he gives his all and doesn’t “filter” who he helps or how hard it will be. I think it was 4 days before he stopped long enough to take a shower. No filter, just caring for people. One of the rescues he made was for a lady that was very pregnant. Someone wrote that the lady went into labor a few hours after the rescue. I asked Josh, “Who was the pregnant lady?” He replied, “I have no idea what her name was.”

OK, last thing. As I was looking at pictures of our water damaged home on Josh’s Facebook… I came across this:

“Thank you to everyone who came and helped at my parents house. They are more than thankful. The people that took my dad out during the storm thank you. I hope that one day I will have people who have my back like the people who take care of my parents. The fact that so many people support my parents and help them shows me that they live the life that God called them to. If you helped my parents through the last week I will be forever grateful to you.”


In Him, Pastor Kevin Kinchen


  1. Dear Loving brother Kevin and Sister Margie in JESUS.Greetings to you from INDIA Family, How are you doing, we have been praying for you and your family and we praised GOD for your safety in the Hurricane times and thank you so much for sharing about brother Josh and we are much inspiring and sharing with our Congregations and Gospel Teams, Please share more news and we are with you in prayers, PLEASE remember us and our Gospel Teams and we love this blessed fellowship with you, please share more good news.Love you much,your Sister Lilly and Family and Gospel Teams.

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