Well, as you might already know, I haven’t posted much since Hurricane Harvey came through town. I haven’t posted much because there is so much to post. So, I decided to start writing and post whatever comes out.

I have lived in the Friendswood, Alvin, Dickinson area for 55 years and I have never been flooded, never told to evacuate (voluntarily or mandatory) and, certainly, never had to be rescued from my home… “because the only ones who have to be rescued are the people that don’t have a clue or they’re not paying attention. RIGHT?” W-R-O-N-G. Sooooo, wrong!

You know that “voice” on the inside of your brain, the one that showed up in your late 40’s or early 50’s, yeah, that one. I’ve heard it can show up in the 20’s and 30’s too. Regardless, that “voice” is NOT God. That’s an imposter trying to convince you that you still have “it,” whatever “it” is. “It” made sense to me. Our house never flooded, and in fact, no one ever floods in our entire subdivision. PLUS, we have a two-story house so we could always live up there. After all, I’m the man who takes care of my family… well, OK, she has to bathe me and dress me, but I’m still… well wait, she also feeds me through a tube, but I could do it if I wanted too….all I would need is two new arms. So, we’re OK. Umm, one more thing… I can’t walk, so the upstairs might not work out for us. Oh, and I need help in the bathroom, my medicine, my breathing exercises…. AND THAT, MY FRIEND, is when I realized “we should get help.” And help came from everywhere, by everyone. I will tell you about that in the next one.

In Him, Pastor Kevin Kinchen


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