Don’t listen to the They-Sayers.

You know all those petty little things that gradually try to invade, interrupt and interfere with your day or your night? Well, it’s the Russians. (Just kidding!) It’s the “they-sayers!” They’re like satan’s ninjas, that run around inside our head; taunting us with threats and accusations, lies, and a side-dish of fearful fake news. And if that doesn’t drive us crazy, the devil will attempt to use our neighbors, relatives, coworkers and even church people… to unknowingly show their “they-sayer” skills. Sooo, how do we STOP these they-sayers? Well, first we read these Scriptures…

A leader, Jairus, had traveled to find Jesus because his daughter was at death’s door. As Jesus and Jairus made their way to pray for the daughter…. some people came from the leader’s house and told him, “Your daughter is dead. Why bother the Teacher any more?” Jesus overheard what they were talking about and said to the leader, “Don’t listen to them; just trust Me.” (Mark 5:35-36 MSG)

If you noticed, the second Jairus was told that his daughter was dead, Jesus IMMEDIATELY jumped in and said, “Don’t listen to them; just trust Me.” And THAT is why we should do the same thing. Listen, we ALL get bombarded by negative thoughts from the enemy, from people and from ourselves. But, just like Jesus said, “We don’t have to listen to them.” And when He tells us to do something He will also provide everything that’s needed for us to overcome. Finally, we should TRUST Jesus. Over the last 10 years I have learned that when I trust Him… completely, I experience total peace and freedom.

Jairus obeyed Jesus when He said, “Don’t listen to them; just trust Me.” Miraculously, Jairus saw his daughter raised from the dead. If Jesus did it for him, I’m confident that He will do it for me and for you.

In Him, Pastor Kevin Kinchen

5 thoughts on “Don’t listen to the They-Sayers.

  1. Thank you for this word today! It is soooo true, and this word was a God given help to me today. God Bless you Pastor Kevin.

  2. Thank you, Marion. I am grateful to God every time someone says, “I needed that today.” I am also grateful for you! Thank you for believing in us and the ministry God has given to us. We love you!

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