Jesus inside you.

If you are a real Christian, that means you have asked Jesus to forgive you of all your sins, and you asked Him to come into your heart. In other words, you gave Him access to live inside of you. But, how can we relate to someone actually living INSIDE of us? If we can’t “see” Jesus IN us then we tend to think He’s somewhere else, or maybe He left us. It can be devastating if we think like that during a crisis. So, see if you can picture this….

The word “heart” can mean an actual heart or, thoughts and feelings, and the middle of something, the center of our being. Imagine a person who has a physical heart disease and must have a heart transplant to live. The entire body of this person, whether it’s healthy or not, is not able to survive without a new heart for the body. The damaged heart in this person, not only needs a new heart but it also needs the body to cooperate with the new heart. Everything needs to be on the same team, pulling together for the same goal. When the doctor finds a heart that’s a perfect match, with a great history, the transplant is performed with lifesaving accuracy. I’ve seen people working harder than most, yet no one knew they were working with someone else’s heart living inside them.

Before we had Jesus… we were that person with the damaged heart. Without God at the center of our being, us humans try to do everything OUR way, because WE think we know it all. You know, that “I don’t need God” attitude. When we finally come to our senses, we believe God is real and we see that our “heart” (the center of our being) is damaged. So, we decide to ask “Jesus” (the new heart via the Holy Spirit) into our life. PICTURE THIS! The recipient of the new heart no longer has to worry about their future, whether they live or not. They now have the Son of God “living” INSIDE of them. They have a new heart, a new heart that was chosen to be a perfect match, and a heart that has a spotless history. Jesus is now a part of them and they are a part of Him. The history of the damaged heart no longer exists. They now enjoy carrying the spotless history of the new heart… the heart of Jesus. The whole body now works together to serve the heart, to serve Jesus. The body seems to know that serving the heart by faith will result in blessings beyond measure.

I hope you can see the reality of Jesus living inside of us… because He does live in us through the Holy Spirit.

“When I am raised to life again, you will know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you.” (John 14:20)

In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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