Jesus knew…

IN THE 2 VERSES I USED YESTERDAY it says, “…. Large crowds gathered to hear Him and have their diseases cured. But He would go away to places where He could be alone for prayer.” (Luke 5:15-16) There were LARGE crowds that came to hear Jesus and to have their diseases healed. But, Jesus knew He could do NOTHING without His Heavenly Father. THAT is why He retreated right in the midst of “ministry” to get ALONE with God. Ohhh, I pray those of us who are in the ministry, would take/make the time to cease from the “doing” of ministry, so we can focus on the “knowing” of the One who put us in the ministry. In fact, we should ALL follow the example of Jesus, because whenever the Created is with the Creator anything can happen!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen`

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