Americans Love The Bible, But They Don’t Read It Much.


Surveys in America show that 9 out of 10 homes have at least ONE BIBLE in their home… And with a FREE Bible app. from Life Church, ( over 250 million people around the world have Bibles on their cell phones and tablets 24/7. THIS MEANS, almost every American has a Bible within their reach. With all those Bibles laying around, the majority (57%) of Americans only read their Bible FOUR TIMES A YEAR or LESS. Only 26% of Americans said they read their Bible on a regular basis (four or more times a week).

BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE! More than half (majority) of Americans think the Bible has TOO LITTLE INFLUENCE on a culture they see in moral decline. That’s crazy! The Bible that is God’s voice-in-print, the Bible that is called the Living Word, “that” Bible has “too little influence” to change a culture in moral decline??? I say, nay-nay! However, I do understand why they said that. They’re probably the “majority” that only read their Bible four times a year or less.

Finally, a survey says, 90% of Churchgoers, “desire to please and honor Jesus in all they do.” However… 80% of Churchgoers don’t read the Bible daily. Listen, I’m not trying to judge or hurt anyone. I just know the blessings, the miraculous power, the insight, the comfort, the love, the courage and a thousand other things, that come when we read and study our Bible as part of our daily time with God. Since I gave my life to Jesus, in 1979, I have learned so much from reading and studying my Bible. After reading and studying, I have NEVER said, “That was a waste of time!” Every moment with God or His Word is profitable whether we feel it or not. As we enter 2017, consider making a commitment to read God’s Word daily… yes, daily. Try out my Two-Year Bible Reading Program. It’s FREE!

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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