If you have known me very long, you’ve heard me talk about one of the worst/best ministry-ventures I have ever attempted. It’s called “A-Cross America.” Using the link below you can read all about the things that led up to this crosswalk, and the life-changing revelation that transformed me forever. Using Google maps I recently found the exact place where I threw my cross into a bayou. So, read the two paragraphs below, zoom in on the picture, and read the “rest of the story” using the link. I would love to see your comments!
By now, what I thought was a “God-led setup” was quickly turning into a “Kevin- bred mess-up.” After the night from hell, I woke up weak and more dehydrated than before. I had no choice but to walk. There was nothing in sight and still not one person was stopping, waving, or even honking. I knew I couldn’t walk much longer. It was late in the morning and starting to get extremely hot, again. Finally, when I could not take it any longer, I leaned the cross up against a road sign and put my thumb out to hitchhike to the next town. Guess what? That’s right. No one! Not one person even looked interested.

Then it dawned on my lightning fast mind, “It’s the cross! No one in their right mind is going to pick me up with this big twelve foot cross!” Totally put out with God and feeling like HE had let me down, I shouted my frustrations into the heavens and threw my cross into a bayou, which was running parallel to the highway. I was done with it! “You can have Your cross back, God! I’m done!” I am so glad God has a sense of humor.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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