Which person do you want to be?


Person 1 – Someone who seemed so interested in reading and talking about what God has done, yet missed the goal, having knowledge but no results.
Person 2 – Someone who doesn’t seem interested in what God has done, but actually embraces what God IS doing, as He straightens out their lives.

Hopefully, you chose Person 2. Unfortunately, we are all Person 1 too often. Instead of trusting God, WE take over as if we know more than Him. We become absorbed in what WE ourselves are doing. In fact, we tend to get so wrapped up in our own self-made “God Projects” that we miss the “Person” (God/Jesus) standing right in front of us. We end up embracing OUR personal agenda and only “talking” about God’s agenda, which is… us having a relationship with Him. Romans 9:33 (MSG) says, “…. I (God) have put a huge stone on the road to Mount Zion (our journey with God), a stone you can’t get around. But the stone is Me! If you’re looking for Me, you’ll find Me ON the way, not IN the way.”

Here’s my question: “Do you embrace God’s agenda ON YOUR WAY through life?” Or, “Do you embrace your own agenda because you find God’s agenda IN YOUR WAY through life?”

Think about it.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

One thought on “Which person do you want to be?

  1. Very good point and great food for thought. Like you have always said, “I want to be found right in the middle of what HE has going on and not be found a stumbling block to any. That IS something need to be mindful of…thank you for sharing!

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