The States of America


“The States of America”
Just doesn’t sound right.
There’s something missing
‘Cause we’ve failed to “unite.”

Our problem’s not “ISIS”
Nor Computer Hacks.
It’s not Gay or Transgender
And it’s not Whites or Blacks.

The condition of our “Heart”
Is what directs all our actions.
It will become COMPASSION.

But, if the “Heart” has HATE
Then ANGER comes next
And it’s people around you
That feel the effects.

So what’s the solution
For “The U.S. of A.”
We all need a “Heart” check
Asking God for HIS Way!

Whether you agree or not
Let’s come together undivided
Because “The States of America”
Looks better when UNITED!

in Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

2 thoughts on “The States of America

  1. Brother Kevin in Jesus Greetings to you from India pleased for your messages. Praying for you . Your brother Evangelist Babu. India.

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