The solution for a world that’s in a frenzy.


The Bible says, “The Lord isn’t slow to do what He promised, as some people think. Rather, He is patient for your sake. He doesn’t want to destroy anyone but wants all people to have an opportunity to turn to Him and change the way they think and act.” (2 Peter 3:9 GW) As Christians, WE are God’s hands and feet on the earth. And when we speak, WE are His mouthpiece. Face it, if WE are real Christians, WE are a walking and talking billboard that the world is reading 24/7.

When people look at us what do they see? When people listen to us what do they hear? Do people feel and hear words of kindness, love, and compassion? Or, do they feel and hear words of hate, anger, and bitterness? Do they see Jesus IN us, or do we just carry His Name around… in case we need something? Our whole world is in a frenzy right now with politics, wars, racial discrimination, economics, fear, lawlessness, religion and more. The ONLY answer for all that is, and will always be, Jesus. So, where is He if He’s the answer??? He is in me, and in you. It’s time for real Christians to SHINE! We all need to be a “Jesus with skin on!” For the price Jesus paid for each one of us, I think He deserves us to represent Him well,` by loving Him and loving people as much as He does.

In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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