What do YOU want?


Because we are created in the likeness and the image of God, we can call things into being by speaking what we WANT, not what we HAVE. God created light because there wasn’t any light. He did it by speaking, “Let there be LIGHT!” And light showed up. He spoke what He wanted NOT what He had. As human beings we tend to speak what we HAVE. We wake up saying, “I’m tired!” Or, “I’m sick.” Maybe we say, “I’m broke and can’t handle any more!” But, all we are doing is speaking and prolonging what we already have. We need to create something we don’t have by saying, “I’m full of energy today!” Or, “I’m getting better every day and I’m healthy.” We should say, “I’m prosperous and with God I can handle anything that comes my way!”

Personally, I’m working on speaking words that create my future, instead of speaking words that extend what I’m facing today. Never forget, “Faith is what you DO with what you DON’T have!”

In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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