Paperback? Yes!

OK, my book, The Secret Place, Revealed, is now available in paperback. If you haven’t read it, you need to. Why? Because this book is all about the created learning how to get alone with the Creator. It reveals the difference between knowing God and knowing “about” Him. I wrote this book based on Scripture and on what I have experienced over almost three decades. My time in the Secret Place is something I have tested, proven, lived, and developed in and through my life. After 32 years of ministry, I have seen others embrace it and experience results in their own lives as well. Order yours today at: 

… “I am blown away….overwhelmed….you have written my book and said it better than I could have…you have wooed people to the secret place.” (Hettie Lue Brooks)
… “Well written, awesome message, perfect print product!” (Eddie Smith)
… It is challenging to the core but awakens the Spirit to a new depth of understanding. Kevin’s writing style causes one to feel as if they are in a face to face conversation with him. He is relatable and his experiences and triumphs are undeniable. (Gabriella Smith)
… “I’m only half way through the first chapter and I feel my life is changed…” (Jeff Dixon)
… “A challenging and inspiring read…” (Amanda Foster)
… “Worth the read and every penny spent.” (Tamara Borin)

Thank you everyone!

In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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