Do you know what your role is?

imageIn the Bible, Jesus is teaching about faith as He says, “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” (Mark 11:24 – NKJV) I’m sure all of us have experienced discouragement because we don’t always see results from our prayers. We believe and we pray but for some reason we don’t “have” it; we don’t “have” what we asked for in our prayers.

We MUST realize OUR role in this verse. Our role is to ask (whatever things) when we pray, and believe (have faith) that we receive them….the whatever things we asked for. BUT……it is NOT our ROLE to fulfill and deliver the “you will have them” part. THAT is God’s responsibility. WE ask, pray, believe, and receive (by faith). HE is the One who makes sure we have it.

Margie and I order my food (tube-feed pouches) from I submit my order (ask), via the Internet (prayer), entrust (believe) they get it, and accept (receive) the fact that they promised me it will be delivered to me. Eventually, Amazon (God) fulfills their promise and I see with my eyes (have) exactly what I asked for. Can you see this analogy here? If I have done my part I trust they will do their part. It’s the same thing with God. If Margie says, “We need more food.” I will tell her, “I’ve already taken care of it.” It’s as good as done because I TRUST Amazon to deliver what I asked for. Surely we can TRUST God more than we can trust Amazon, right?

Remember, this is a promise. God doesn’t lie. Jesus doesn’t lie. As long as we know our role in the promise, and we fulfill our part, we can be sure God will fulfill His part. We get discouraged when we try to play God’s role which is the “you shall have it” part. As long as our request is within the promises of God, the only way we won’t “have it” is if we stopped believing or if we never received (accepted) His promise to deliver. So, don’t be discouraged, stop worrying, and trust the One who made the promise.

I hope you “caught” what the Lord showed me. I appreciate your comments!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

6 thoughts on “Do you know what your role is?

  1. Thank you for words of encouragement in my life…..helping me remember to keep focus…..helping me to push forward all through the power of Jesus. I feel that God just wants us to trust him, believe him and love him no matter what….to continue to press forward and keep our eyes on him, not looking down or around but constantly on him…….

  2. What a wonderful “take” on outlining what our responsibility is. We tend to try to takeover a job that is God’s alone.

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