You have a voice, whether you can talk or not…


Last week I emailed a very good friend of mine. As I was typing about some things I’m going through I realized that God was giving me revelation with every stroke I typed. When I read over it I thought, “Now THAT is good.” I also noticed when the Holy Spirit deals with us, through a revelation, that’s powerful. But, when you write or type that revelation out….it goes beyond powerful. The more I read it, the more God is showing me…and more and more and more. I want to encourage you to 1) Listen to God. 2) Write what He says down. 3) Read it often.

Here’s the revelation the Lord showed me. Enjoy!

OK, I have complete faith that I am getting healthier every day and will travel the globe giving glory to God soon. Can you imagine starting the most anointed part of my life-story AFTER 55? I can. However, even before that happens God is teaching me almost more than I can handle. Right now my speech is only understood by people who are around me a lot. That is a “hell on earth” for a preacher. Thank God I can still type……with my feet, which I’m doing right now.

However, as my speech began to diminish, one day I blurted out to God, “How can they hear a preacher that has no VOICE?” Here was His response……

“Just because you cannot talk and be heard…does NOT mean you have NO VOICE. I speak to you all the time using words you cannot “hear.” Yet, you understand Me. How? Because you have read and studied My written Word, which is My VOICE in print. My Son is your good Shepherd and said, ‘and I know My sheep, and am known by My own.’ How do the sheep know Him? Do modern-day disciples hear His audible words? No. It’s because ‘….for they know his VOICE.’ Even the Holy Spirit speaks to you through His VOICE without audible words….Spirit to spirit. Don’t ever forget you have a VOICE that I can use!”

There’s more to come I’m sure….stay tuned.

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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