The power of the spoken word.

The Power of a Spoken Word – # 1

Recently the Lord pointed out two foundational building blocks for His Kingdom. Both of these building blocks have to do with WORDS…and the immeasurable impact they carry. IF YOU have the ability to use your voice and SPEAK OUT LOUD……you carry a gift. A gift that can create, change, and restore everything from individual people to nations on every continent. I ask you to read this, and several more in the next several weeks, very carefully. I will be sharing some eye-opening revelations from my heart. Here we go….

The first building block starts in Genesis 1, when God created the world around us. God spoke words and God saw what His words created. He said; and He saw! Whether it was the light, the seas, the land, the fish, the animals, the birds, or the heavens, they were all created by God’s words, His “spoken” words. Well, we are all created in God’s image and in His likeness. Therefore, we also are capable of CREATING the world around us with the words we speak and declare.

The second building block starts in Genesis 3:8 and deals with the ultimate use of the words we speak. Words create the world around us but, they are also used to create and maintain the relationship God desires between Himself and His children. The instant Adam and Eve sinned, God began His plan of restoration to heal the broken relationship. Thousands of Words in the Bible invite every “whosoever” to accept this love-driven restoration message.

These two building blocks have become major foundational priorities in the life of any serious Christian. They are also vital in expanding the Kingdom of God, and in the final defeat of satan’s kingdom. He showed me that throughout the entire Bible the spoken word, especially HIS WORD, is used to create, to pray, to prophesy, to bless, to worship, to preach and proclaim, to confess, to declare, to build relationships, to celebrate, to make disciples and on and on it goes. This concept of speech, and the ability to communicate verbally (or any other way), is essential for every person on the planet, and even more essential for serious Christians.

Until my second post, think about “how” you are or are not using your WORDS in this priceless gift called SPEECH.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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