Unconditional Love…


My daughter, Courtney, captured this picture of my “love relationship” with her daughter, Adalie. The Lord used this moment in time to unfold a revelation of His love to Courtney. I’m so proud of her and the Godly virtuous woman she has become. Enjoy her revelation……

“She is in love with her Pops…she doesn’t see his disability. She doesn’t see his struggle. She doesn’t see that he can’t do things like everyone else. She doesn’t see that he can’t speak as clear as others. She sees a man that loves her. She sees his heart. She walks right up to him and lifts her arms because she wants him to hold her. She smiles ear to ear when she sees him and lunges out of my arms towards him because she knows who he is. She knows that when she is with him, he gives her what she wants.

Pastor Scott always says, if you can see it in the natural you can see it in the spirit as well.

In the same way, God sees past our flaws. He doesn’t see us for our disabilities. He sees us for our abilities! He lunges toward us with hope that we will open our arms and accept Him. He is in love with us! He wants to be near us all the time. He wants us to hold him near and dear to our hearts. Just like Adalie wanted her Pops to hold her.

I love my girl. With everything in me. It blows my mind that God loves me even more. I see how Adalie looks at her Pops and how he looks at her. It is truly the perfect representation of Gods love. I am blessed beyond measure.”

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen – aka Pops

2 thoughts on “Unconditional Love…

  1. That is too cool. What a beautiful picture of love!! You are in our prayers daily. Love Dave and Janice

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