Jesus loves me this I know?


Here is something to think about. I’m sure we all know the song, Jesus Loves Me. Remember? “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” BUT….I wonder how many people really believe that God loves them and do they really know it BECAUSE the Bible tells them so?

If so, then why do they make statements like, “If I went to church, lightning would strike!” Or, “God must be mad at me ’cause He never answers my prayers.” Look, at some point in our life we all get challenged to follow our emotions or follow what the Bible says. I choose to live my life according to the Word of God, the Bible, what God says about me.

Do yourself a favor today and sing, the “Jesus LOVES ME this I KNOW” song over and over. And sing it until it gets past your emotions, past your past, past your understanding, and INTO your spirit. You know, that “Oh…I get it!” moment. Then, make the choice to read and believe the Bible while trusting the Lord…not your emotions. God always honors His Word and He loves you like crazy! 1 John 4:19 says, “We love because God loved us first.” (GW)

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

One thought on “Jesus loves me this I know?

  1. Amen!! That makes so much sense!! We as humans tend to follow our emotions when we are facing challenges instead of thinking about what would Jesus do.

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