Are YOU in a desert?


Do YOU feel like you are crawling your way through a vast and hot desert? A dry time in your life when you can’t seem to find anything growing. It could be a financial desert, a medical desert, or even a spiritual desert. No matter what kind of desert, it’s left you dry, thirsty, dusty, and with no signs of letting up.

Unfortunately, in times like this we tend to murmur, complain, blame others and whine. Without sounding harsh….shut your mouth. Seriously, they have proven that people who survive in a desert, often do so because they keep their mouth shut. It helps to prevent dehydration. Only open your mouth to cry out to the Lord. The complaints work against you but calling on the Lord brings the rescue.

YOU are going to make it through this desert experience. And when you do, you will enjoy promotion, honor, satisfaction, and miraculous favor like Moses, Joseph, Jesus, etc., did in the Bible.

In Him,
Kevin Kinchen

They wandered around the desert on a deserted road….They were hungry and thirsty. They began to lose hope. In their distress they cried out to the LORD. He rescued them from their troubles. (Ps. 107:4-6 – GW)

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