Life Itself Is A Miracle – Part 3


The One who rescues your life from the pit, the One who crowns you with mercy and compassion… (Ps. 103:4 – GW)

In our world today there are many different kinds of rescues. There are animal rescues for dogs, cats, whales, dolphins, owls, elephants, and many more. There are rescues for people by firefighters, paramedics, police, rehabilitation facilities, and many more. BUT…the greatest rescue ever, took place when our Heavenly Father rescued us from the PIT, through His only Son, Jesus Christ!

And guess what? Jesus STILL makes rescues every single day in 2015. He rescues us from traps the enemy sets, from death, hell, and the grave…He even rescues us from ourselves. And “why” does God make such a huge effort to rescue us? Because THAT IS WHAT a loving Father does, He rescues those who need to be rescued.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

2 thoughts on “Life Itself Is A Miracle – Part 3

  1. Thank you Pastor Kevin. This was exactly the message I needed today. Praying for you as well. So thankful for your faithful ministry.

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