VideoQuip – What rattles, when dead and lives by words said?

A very good friend of mine, Mani Erfan, made this video for his ministry. Based on the Word of God in Ezekiel, it inspires me to remember that Almighty God can resurrect dead bones and breathe life into them. Those “once dry bones” came back to life so I have no doubt that He can heal and restore a body diagnosed with ALS. And how did God give life to those dead bones? He did it through a person (Ezekiel) who was obedient in SPEAKING THE WORDS TO THOSE BONES that God had given him.

I humbly ask each one of you to first, watch this 3 minute video. And second, join me and Margie as we speak God’s Word both TO and OVER my body, and over several other people I’ve listed, which have all been given a diagnosis of ALS. See our prayer below and remember, “You’ll chase out your enemies and defeat them: Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand and do away with them.” (Leviticus 26:7-8 MSG)



The power of the Lord came over Ezekiel and he was brought out in the middle of a valley by the Spirit of God. In this valley he saw bones that were very dry. The Lord asked, “Son of man, can THESE bones live?” Ezekiel said to Him, “O Lord, God, YOU know!” God showed His will in this valley and used Ezekiel to SPEAK complete LIFE and RESTORATION into the dry bones. With this in mind….

Lord, we are confident that YOU can take care of the “dry bones and muscles” in the valley of ALS! We know that 1 Corinthians 15:55 says, “Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?” So Lord, as YOU told Ezekiel, we also SPEAK and PROPHESY to THESE BONES (BODY) of: Pastor Kevin, Mike P, Jimmy M, Michael S, Mikie C, Scott C, Pablo F, Len N, John F, Mark E, and Lonnie. (These are all people we are now friends with from the ALS clinic we attend at Methodist Hospital.)

According to Ezekiel 37, we say, “Dry bones, listen to the Word of the Lord! THIS is what the ALMIGHTY LORD SAYS to you! We speak in HIS STEAD, IN HIS NAME…..and HE SAYS, “Breath will enter into you, and you will LIVE! We prophesy ligaments on you, we prophesy MUSCLES on you and cover you with skin. We speak BREATH IN YOU, and YOU WILL LIVE. As every BODY, BONE, MUSCLE, LIGAMENT, MOTOR-NEURON, NERVE, CELL, and FLESH, BEGINS TO MANIFEST IN THE NATURAL…..EVERYONE will KNOW that ALMIGHTY GOD, THE GREAT I AM, is LORD!”

We PROPHESY (as it was when Ezekiel prophesied) and SUDDENLY, there is a rattling noise, bones start coming together in perfect synchronization with God’s Word and Plan; every bone is attaching itself to another as it was designed to be. As we keep looking we SEE ligaments on them, MUSCLES on them, and also skin. And we also see MOTOR-NEURONS, NERVES, and CELLS that are all coming together to make every body WHOLE and COMPLETE the way God designed them.

And finally, we speak and prophesy to the breath! We agree with the Words God gave to Ezekiel as we say……. “BREATH, COME FROM the four winds! BREATHE, INFLATE, BLOW INTO each and every body SO THEY WILL LIVE!” And we watch as BREATH ENTERS THEM! We say they are full of breath, life, and the SPIRIT OF GOD! In fact, they are so full of life; we say, STAND ON YOUR FEET, UPRIGHT AND STRONG! YOU are healthy enough to form a very large army for God! WE know that God is our Father, Jesus Christ is our Lord, and HE has opened the grave and brought EVERY ONE OF THESE PEOPLE WHO WERE DIAGNOSED WITH ALS out of the grave the enemy had planned for them! GOD’S SPIRIT IS IN THEM and THEY WILL LIVE……and not die, and proclaim the works of the Lord, while continuing to STAND PERFECT and COMPLETE in ALL OF THE WILL OF GOD FOR THEIR LIVES! WE KNOW GOD HAS SPOKEN and that HE HAS DONE THESE THINGS. HE HAS HEALED THEM! HE GETS ALL THE GLORY, and WE BOLDLY DECLARE IT TODAY…….IN JESUS’ NAME!!! AMEN!!!


In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

4 thoughts on “VideoQuip – What rattles, when dead and lives by words said?

  1. Hi Ruby and Steve , I receive devotionals from this pastor and he’s on my prayer list.. He was diagnosed with ALS. Today he is asking for prayer AWESOME WORD With a cool video. Hope you can read and watch it. Please Say a prayer for him 💗

    Have a great day !! Esther

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