If you are a leader…..


Many people know plenty ABOUT God. They can quote Scripture, say all the right things, and go through the designated motions of Christianity. Yet they STILL do not KNOW Him. There is a huge difference between knowing ABOUT God and KNOWING God. So, how can we move from knowing about God to actually knowing God? Well, as far as I can tell, the only way to know God is to spend time with Him; undistracted quality time.

Look, typically, most pastors sell out to the Lord. Yet statistics show that in the United States alone, 1,500 pastors leave the ministry each month and 7,000 churches close their doors each year. How can that be possible? One statistic shows that 80 percent of pastors spend less than fifteen minutes in prayer each day. Seventy percent of them said the only time they spend in the Word of God is to prepare for sermons. That means zero time in the Word to develop their relationship with God.

If you happen to be a pastor, someone in full-time ministry, or a leader in your church, those statistics ought to pull you into the Secret Place, the place where you and God meet. How can we change the world with a small portion of time being the full diet of our spiritual appetite? It’s really no wonder so many churches close their doors when we aren’t setting the example for the congregations to follow. I don’t want to be a leader or a participant of “spiritual bankruptcy.” As individuals, we are the only ones who can determine this. Whether you are a new believer, a seasoned Christian, a pastor, a leader, or part of a congregation, make the Secret Place “your” place to have quality time with God on a regular basis. It’s time for leaders to lead so followers can follow us…right INTO that place of intimacy with the Lord.

Have a great weekend!

In Him,

Kevin Kinchen – Wanna read a good book this weekend? Download my book, The Secret Place, Revealed, at: www.GetMyPDF.com 

One thought on “If you are a leader…..

  1. Dear loving brother Kevin and sister Margie in Jesus, greetings to you thank you so much for this blessed teachings every time, this teaching is very important for our pastors and evangelists and gospel teams in India. Please share more teachings regularly, we are praying for your health to be healed. We love to see you all in India. We wish you all a blessed Christmas. Love you much Your India family Lilly and Babu and Sara and gospel teams for Jesus.

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