Consider BOTH sides of the cross…

Let me ask you a serious question? Are you a “follower” of Jesus OR are you a follower of Jesus that “reproduces” followers of Jesus?

(Matthew 8:18-22 The Message) When Jesus saw that a curious crowd was growing by the minute, He told His disciples to get Him out of there to the other side of the lake.  As they left, a religion scholar asked if he could go along. “I’ll go with you, wherever,” he said. Jesus was curt: “Are you ready to rough it? We’re not staying in the best inns, you know.” Another follower said, “Master, excuse me for a couple of days, please. I have my father’s funeral to take care of.” Jesus refused. “First things first. Your business is life, not death. Follow me. Pursue life.”

I borrowed this next portion from Lloyd Ogilvie’s commentary, THE PREACHER’S COMMENTARY….
“The essential characteristic of the Christian life is discipleship. We learn from the Master and we identify with the Master. He is our Savior by virtue of being our personal Lord and as disciples, we live under His lordship. Dietrich Bonhoeffer has said, “Only he who obeys truly believes, and only he who believes truly obeys.” It is not a “works-righteousness” to win God’s approval, but is a response to His grace by which we are saved. The disciple is not working up to the Cross; he has been to the Cross for forgiveness and is working out from the Cross, expressing the new life in Christ. The disciple regards Jesus as the model for ethical directives. To accept Christ is to accept the whole Jesus, what He taught and what He modeled, as well as what He did in dying for us on the Cross.

I love the statement that Pastor Ogilvie makes, “The disciple is not working up to the Cross; he has been to the Cross for forgiveness and is working out from the Cross, expressing the new life in Christ.” I have often said that SALVATION IS NOT OBTAINED BY WORKS, IT ONLY COMES BY GRACE. HOWEVER, ONCE YOU ARE SAVED…IT’S TIME TO GET TO WORK. Jesus told ALL OF US to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.”



In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen
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3 thoughts on “Consider BOTH sides of the cross…

  1. Excellent Kevin! Everything you write is excellect! You are sowing seed day in and day out and the harvest is so huge it can only be seen from God’s point of view. I believe you will be amazed on that day when the Lord shows you the full impact of what you have done for Him. I love you brother and tell Margie and the family I love them too. Some time soon we will have to do lunch and catch up.

    By the way, good or bad, intended or not intended, we all sow seed day in and day out. Your seed is precious and will survive the fire.

    Thank you,

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  2. Thank you Sabrina! I love you.

    And thank you Greg! Greg, I have been thinking about you all day long. I just saw your comment and I want you to know that we love you guys too. If you have time to stop by I would love to show you my new office. God has been so good to us and He has even more good ahead. Woo Hoo!

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