A BIG heartfelt thank you….

Pastor Kevin-PK from 30 year party

It has been several weeks now since my SURPRISE PARTY CELEBRATING 30 YEARS of being in full-time ministry. I wanted to put a “thank you” on Facebook but I would get all choked up and couldn’t do it. THAT night was one of the most epic moments of my entire life! To see 30 years of “fruit” packed wall-to-wall in the youth building from local areas and even out of state, was overwhelming. And I was told that the packed out building was just the tip of the iceberg. I was in shock the entire night and the next day. It forever changed my life.

There is no way I could THANK everyone who made it all possible. And I certainly could not THANK every person who came. But I would at least like to THANK Jeremy and Kristen Blagg who love me enough to come up with the idea. So, if YOU were there or had any part in the celebration, or you would have been there if you could or if you knew about it…….to ALL OF YOU, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Now, get ready for 30 MORE YEARS!!!

In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

2 thoughts on “A BIG heartfelt thank you….

  1. What do you mean 30 years more, I was thinking 50 years more for sure. You planning on retiring early! No way! Love you, The Fourcades xoxo

  2. Dear Loving Brother Kevin and Sister Margie in JESUS.Greetings to you, thank you so much for all your Love and prayers for India evangelism, thank you and we congratulate you on completing 30 years of Jesus Mission in your life and may GOD grant you more good health, God brought you to India in 2009 and you did amazing work in India, please come again and we invite you with great Love.Love you all,your sister Lilly and Sons Babu, Ravi and gospel Teams.

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