Hello! Hey! I’m talking to you! Are you listening?

Here is something to think about. I admit that I am a “talker.” I can’t help it, I love to talk. However, in the current “temporary” physical issue I am dealing with called ALS, my speech is temporarily hindered. That being said, it has caused me to fine-tune my LISTENING SKILLS like crazy.

Here’s what I have learned…THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF A CONVERSATION IS THE “LISTENING” NOT THE TALKING! And that’s why the Bible says, “Remember this, my dear brothers and sisters: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and should not get angry easily.” (JAMES 1:19) Notice that listening comes before speaking. Also notice that we are to be quick to listen and SLOW to open our mouth and spew out our words of wisdom, opinions, and great ideas. As I listen to conversations wherever I go, it’s almost comical as people relentlessly attempt to make sure they are heard. The flip-side of that is I rarely see people making an attempt to pay attention and focus on the one speaking to them. Most people are looking over the shoulders of the one speaking, or checking their cell phone, or even worse….texting.

So, why am I so concerned about this? Well, mainly because if we cannot successfully pay attention and listen to people…whom we CAN see, then we probably aren’t successful in paying attention and listening to God…whom we CANNOT see. I encourage you to check yourself. Are you “quick to listen” or quick to speak? Are you really listening or just hearing; there IS a big difference . And always remember, “people are more important than projects” and “God is more important than everything.” Let’s give people and God the attention and the respect they both deserve. Let’s LEARN to LISTEN.

In Him,
Kevin Kinchen

5 thoughts on “Hello! Hey! I’m talking to you! Are you listening?

  1. good word. about 50 years ago an elderly gentleman told me a good listener will gain a lot of knowledge in comparison to one who talks just to talk.

  2. Dear Loving Brother Kevin and sister Margie in JESUS.Greetings to you, how are you doing these days, pleased for all your messages and devotions and strengthening, please remember us and pray for us.we are praying for your health.Love you much,your sister Lilly and family and gospel Teams for JESUS.

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