This is about “patience” but read it anyway.


I’ve been tied up in Hebrews chapter twelve where we read about the enduring patience that Abraham had to “obtain” the promise of God. One of my heroes of faith, Lloyd Ogilvie, writes about this in his book, The Preacher’s Commentary. Check it out…

Preacher’s Commentary, Lloyd Ogilvie –

Here God not only promises to bless and multiply Abraham, but He also swears to accomplish it. Thus there is a double certainty. It is impossible for God to lie under any circumstances and certainly under this double guarantee. The promise is secure.

The fulfillment of the promise, however, is not immediate. So long a time elapsed that Abraham and Sarah became concerned enough to take things into their own hands. Sarah suggested Abraham have a child by her handmaid, which would be born on her knees as a symbol that the child would be the heir of their house. It was not until Abraham was one hundred years old that the promise was fulfilled, a decade and a half after it was first given.

I am sure this gap between promise and fulfillment was in our teacher’s mind as he exhorted his readers. If things appear slow with God, that does not mean He has forgotten, nor that He will not perform. Even as Abraham waited patiently and was rewarded for his faith, so too, believers of this time must wait patiently and not lose heart. The Greek word translated “patiently” (makrothumēsas) in verse Heb 6:15 emphasizes the untiring emotion of Abraham in waiting for the promise. He then “obtained the promise.” Verse Heb 6:16 summarizes the thesis: If an oath among men confirms a word and ends all strife, how much more should the oath of God end all unbelief or doubt? Who is greater than God? By what greater object can anyone swear? None whatever! God is to be trusted!

I love what Pastor Ogilvie said! With our Heavenly Father’s “double-guarantee” the PROMISE IS SECURE!!! Keep going forward IN faith and patience and watch what God will do.

Have a great weekend!

In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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