Your Chance To Impact Uganda….Through A Teenager.


Shelby Mills, a youth in our church, is heading to the mission field on July 9th where she will be in Kampala, Uganda with Global Expeditions for one month. This is her third mission trip, but since this one is in Africa it’s a very costly trip. The total cost is $5,737.00. So far, Shelby has raised $4,330.00 by doing bake sales, garage sales, going to businesses for donations, sending out letters, and taking part-time jobs to raise the money needed (along with a lot of prayer of course). So, it’s CRUNCH TIME and she still needs $1407.00 before she can leave on July 9th. I would like to see my Facebook friends and my E-quip Devotion subscribers pull together and help Shelby to reach her total, and even more than that so she can invest in the people of Uganda. I have been to Africa and I can assure you there is need everywhere you go.








If you would like to INVEST in Shelby and the people of Uganda, as she and the Global Expedition team ministers to students and children in schools, both in the city and the villages, to migrant camps, and to children who’ve been orphaned by civil war, then please make a donation below. ALL DONATIONS are tax-deductible and will be sent from our ministry (E-quip Ministries) directly to Global Expeditions. Because of the time-sensitive deadline please make your donation as soon as possible. I THANK YOU in advance for any amount you give and we pray that God will bless you beyond measure!



2 thoughts on “Your Chance To Impact Uganda….Through A Teenager.

  1. Dear loving brother Kevin in Jesus, greetings to you thank you so much for all your prayers, here we are praying for you, brother are you planning to come India again,we are praying for good news from you. Love to sister Margie and all the family. Your sister Lilly and family and gospel teams for Jesus.

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