Who is in charge of your destiny?

A nugget of wisdom that may help you.

NEVER allow a bad or “terminal” DIAGNOSIS to become what determines your DESTINY! GOD is in charge of our destiny, but He’s also counting on us to TRUST HIM without reservation. After doctors diagnosed me with ALS in 2008, they told me the average life expectancy is only three to five years. Here is the only glitch with that time frame, I know God has a purpose (destiny) for me to fulfill while I am on this earth. And as far as I can tell….I’m not even close to being through yet. Until I can confidently say, “It is finished!” like Jesus, or, “I have finished my course!” like Paul, I’m not planning on leaving. I will ALWAYS do whatever I can do, to fulfill what only GOD can do. In other words, Trust Him to do the impossible through YOU until HE is finished with everything HE planned for you.

This coming November will mark a milestone in my life of 30 YEARS in full-time ministry. I have one overall thought about this….”I FEEL LIKE I AM JUST GETTING STARTED!!!” “But Pastor Kevin, what if you’re wrong?” To that I would kindly reply, “But…..what if I am RIGHT?” Press through my friend, because you’re not finished yet!

In Him,

Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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