Can You See The Unseen?

OK, follow me all the way through with this….

Our daughter, Courtney, is pregnant for her first time, with our sixth grand-baby. Though pregnant, she cannot SEE that which is to be, yet she believes it. All of us are able to SEE VISIBLE SIGNS that let us know she’s pregnant, even though she is barely showing physically. We KNOW she’s pregnant because SHE KNOWS IT, and everything about her broadcasts that something UNSEEN will eventually BECOME SEEN. I did not go to the doctor with her for verification, yet I have been sucked into a “new baby vortex” that has completely convinced me that what cannot be seen will certainly BECOME SEEN. Our emotions, our thoughts, our actions, and yes even our money are all IN MOTION for something UNSEEN that we are convinced will BECOME SEEN! Stay with me….

We have not been called to just maintain and survive while living on this earth. We are called to live in the creative, mind-boggling, unfathomable, ability of the Creator of life itself, GOD! God, by way of the Holy Spirit, wants to CREATE everything from brand-new new Christians to supernatural miracles THROUGH those who are WILLING to ALLOW HIM. Through those who will trust Him enough to let go of themselves and take Him at His Word.
I believe we are living in the day where God’s people must TRUST HIM as they attempt what they cannot do alone. It’s a day where our faith, our trust in Him, will be VISIBLE even before we see the tangible results. Real REALITY will become what we see in the UNSEEN realm instead of what we see with our natural eyes in the SEEN realm. When we KNOW THE LORD, and I mean know Him in an intimate one-on-one relationship, we will trust Him to bring the unseen into that which IS seen. And THAT is when life becomes exciting, creative, and contagious to those around us.

We should all live our lives experiencing the thrill of new life, months before we ever get to see it, touch it, hold it, or possess it, just like a pregnant woman, just like Courtney. We need to trust God enough to live with the hopeful expectation that HE always backs up His promises. So, let’s ALL move in that direction with a renewed commitment to “….be still, and know (recognize and understand) that He is God.” (Ps. 46:10) Because when we know Him we trust Him.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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