Flipping Blocks, A Miracle In The Making


OK, most of you know that Methodist Hospital diagnosed me with ALS five years ago. My breathing (which is the doctor’s biggest concern because ALS kills the muscles that allow you to breathe) has improved to the point that it’s as good as, and even better than, a normal person. They are blown away by this. However, my strength and control of my hands and arms has gone downhill every time they test me at my quarterly assessment. They test me as I flip as many 3 inch round blocks as I can, making sure they are secure in their recessed position. I’m given one minute for each hand. WELL…….YESTERDAY at clinic, that changed! The time before I had flipped 6 blocks with my right hand, BUT YESTERDAY I FLIPPED 10! My left hand flipped 19 last time, BUT YESTERDAY I FLIPPED 26! I know this may  seem trivial to you, but it’s HUGE FOR ME! Remember, it’s the first time in five years there has been improvement in my arms and hands.


The best part is that last night I found out Margie and Stephanie had prayed for God to show improvement as a sign that He is still working. He definitely answered their prayer! I am telling you, “I am healed in Jesus’ name!” With that being said, please pray for another ALS patient from yesterday’s clinic, named Jimmy McCoy. (And his wife, Melissa.) He was hospitalized after clinic because of a blood-clot in his foot. I love Jimmy and Melissa and I believe what God does for one, He will do for everyone. Remember, “NOTHING is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for your continued prayers!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin

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