This is not posted with anyone in mind. I am not “aiming” at someone. I am a  pastor-at-heart that wants to see EVERY PART of the Body of Christ exactly where GOD wants them. The perfect will of God is the ONLY way to experience REAL LIFE! That being said……

The term, “I’m not being fed” is NEVER a reason for leaving a church. In fact, it’s a red flag that should set off the “I’m going by my feelings” alarm. Mature Christians will feed themselves long before they ever arrive at church. The ONLY reason ANYONE should even look elsewhere is when the term “God said….” is spoken. (Which implies they are spending time with God and listening to Him.) After 30 years in the same church, I can say from experience, there is a blessing in longevity, loyalty, and perseverance.

Wordify-2013-12-30 13-00-32

My final thought; with 2014 only 2 days away, determine to PLANT YOURSELF in church and serve where you are planted. By the time 2015 rolls around you will be transformed and so will those you have served. And THAT is how the Kingdom of God transforms the world!

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