Who’s Calling? – Part 1

I believe every Christian (and even those who haven’t accepted Him yet) has a calling given to them by God Himself. Otherwise, He would have brought them up to heaven the minute they got saved. Why would a loving Father keep His newly adopted child on earth instead of bringing them home to heaven, unless they had a particular role to play on earth? We have to realize God is a Master Planner. He PLANNED for you and me to be here.


So, what is a calling? Well, Biblically speaking, a calling is something given to us by God. It is something He had in mind even before we were in our mother’s womb. (Jer. 1:5; Eph. 1:4) Knowing this alone ought to make us want to know our calling. Who can satisfy the desire of the creature better than the One who made the creature to fulfill a specific calling? The answer? No one even comes close to knowing what satisfies us like God.

When God called me to preach in 1984 I felt kind of like Moses, and said, “Are You crazy?” (With all due respect of course.) I am the one who was so terrified of people it took Valium to get me on stage in a fifth grade play. I am the one who ended up in the psychiatric ward behind lock and key for depression, spurred on from a fear of people. I am the one who was so fearful of people it put me in the hospital for tests time after time with stomach problems. And YOU want ME to preach? Are You crazy? No, He is not crazy. In fact, He is just confident. He is confident that when surrendered, His creation can fulfill the “calling” He put on their life because HE does it THROUGH them. As I approach my thirtieth year of preaching I am living proof of this.

SO…….what about you? Have you surrendered yourself to God’s calling on your life? Or, are you still trying to work it out all by yourself? If so, how’s that working out for you? Do yourself a favor and surrender to the ultimate life-coach, Jesus Christ. I can assure you, it’s the right choice if you want REAL LIFE and not just “existence” while living on this earth.

Next I will talk about the difference between a calling and a purpose. Stay tuned……

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

This message brought to you “fresh” from the feet, yes the actual feet of me, Pastor Kevin Kinchen; giving new meaning to the verse, “How beautiful are the feet of the messengers who announce the Good News,” as I boldly proclaim that NOTHING is impossible with God! Luke 1:37

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