The Sin The Holy Spirit Wants To Address

In John chapter 16 Jesus is letting His disciples know that He is about to return to His Father in heaven. He assures them that He will still be with them because He will send the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to lead and guide them. As Jesus describes the role of the Holy Spirit here on earth we notice something many people miss. Before I reveal that, I want to make a hard yet truthful statement. Even though our world is ravaged with terrible killings in Syria, the unfathomable act of killing over 1.3 BILLION unborn babies (worldwide since 1980), mass violence, blasphemy towards God, child abuse, child trafficking, adultery, substance abuse, theft, racial wars, holy wars, and hundreds upon hundreds of things we classify as sin, NONE OF THEM ARE THE BIGGEST SIN OUR WORLD IS FACING TODAY!

WHAT? How could anything be worse? Stick with me and keep reading.

In John 16:8-9 (AMP) Jesus says, “And when He (Holy Spirit) comes, He will convict and convince the world and bring demonstration to it about SIN and about righteousness (uprightness of heart and right standing with God) and about judgment:  (9)  About sin, because they do not believe in Me [trust in, rely on, and adhere to Me]………”

Folks, worldwide the number one SIN that has plagued generation after generation is the sin of unbelief in Jesus Christ. I know, I know, that probably won’t sit well with the new world-view of political correctness and tolerance; but…’s still the truth. You see, many people read those same verses and think the Holy Spirit will go around pointing out all the BIG sins of everyone; you know “our idea” of BIG sins. Nope, He’s after just one, unbelief. Now don’t get me wrong, of course He will lead us and direct us in the ways of God. But the fact is, how can He deal with us about those things if we don’t even believe in Him in the first place. Its a good thing you’re a “believer” right? Right. Wait, are you sure?


Those verses define exactly what believing in Jesus means. It means “to trust in, rely on, and adhere to Him.” It’s way more than just believing He existed a long time ago. When we believe, trust, rely on, and adhere ourselves to Jesus on a daily basis, it’s visible by our actions, our peace, our confidence, our joy, and our hope. The key to believing and trusting completely in Jesus is to KNOW HIM. And that is only possible when we prioritize our lives to allow quality TIME with Him.

So, as horrible as the tragic sins first mentioned are, the solution of BELIEVING IN JESUS must come first. Let’s take care of BELIEVING first, and then watch in amazement as HE DOES what only HE CAN DO…..when a person truly BELIEVES!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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