As many of you know, doctors gave me a diagnosis of ALS in 2008 with a life expectancy of only 3-5 years. Doctors do not know the cause or the cure for this moto-neuron driven muscular disease. I go to clinic every 3 months at one of the best ALS facilities in the world…in fact, I will be going tomorrow. I thank God for my born-again Spirit-filled neurologist and her team who believe, speak, and support me in my belief that I am fully healed in Jesus’ name! The “fact” is that there are some symptoms in my body….but the “truth” is, “Above all things (including ALS) God has declared me prosperous and healthy in body and spirit.” (3 John 2)

When I first went to God about all this it was kind of overwhelming due to the whole “death sentence” thing. One day He asked me, “Kevin, you do know that you had a death sentence before the ALS, right?” I responded, “Yes, the backhoe accident and the staph infection in my back…which I obviously survived.” He replied, “No, no, I mean waaaaay before those. Kevin, you and everyone else in the world are BORN with a death sentence!” WOW! Was I ever shocked with that statement. Folks, whether you have been diagnosed with a deadly disease or not, you have a death sentence on your physical life; unless Jesus returns first. Good news, huh? Actually, it is.

Psalms 90:12 says, “So teach us to number our days, so that we may bring a heart of wisdom.” What does that mean? It means we only have a certain amount of time on this earth, so make sure EVERY DAY COUNTS. Look, if I was told by God I had only 7 days to live, I would live so radical for Him, doing things like preaching in every nation where HE is not allowed. Why not go for it, right? Well, guess what? WE OUGHT TO LIVE THAT WAY REGARDLESS! Listen, even if I live to be 120, it would be because HE has a plan for me that will take 120 years to fulfill. That means EVERY SINGLE DAY of those 120 years are important. Each day needs to be lived to its fullest! Why?


So, what about you? Are you all caught up in things that don’t really matter? Are YOU just “existing” or really “living” life. For me, TODAY is important…that’s why I am writing you. Don’t worry about the number of days you have; instead, just number TODAY as a day of importance for you to fully embrace what God has already planned. Then, repeat it again tomorrow…….do that for a lifetime and you won’t leave this earth one day early.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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