12 in 2013

When I finished writing my first book, The Secret Place, Revealed, I was thrilled. When 2,000 hard-cover copies showed up at my house I was thrilled beyond measure. It was a huge sense of accomplishment as a ten-year dream finally came to pass. HOWEVER, I have recently noticed that my sense of accomplishment has slowly turned into a feeling of, “I’m just not satisfied.” Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.

You see, holding the book in my hand is great, but my heart’s passion behind the book is to see people fall in love with God as they READ it. An author gets true satisfaction when the message INSIDE the book explodes INSIDE the reader. Soooooo….with that being said, here’s the new game plan to satisfy my un-satisfaction.

The Secret Place, Revealed

It’s called, “12 in 2013.” The ministry God gave us, E-quip Ministries, will provide FREE OF CHARGE thirteen copies of The Secret Place, Revealed (1 for the group leader and 12 for participants) for group Bible studies who want to take their relationship with God to new levels in 2013. In the back of each book are instructions on how to lead a group and discussion questions for every chapter. We have already done the hard work for you! All you need is an open, willing, and hungry heart to know God and enough love and compassion to take 12 others alongside on your journey. I only have a few requirements to qualify.

1. Serious inquiries only. With such a large investment it’s important to make sure the “commitment to complete” is priority.

2. After your Bible study (Sunday school, small group, men’s group, women’s group, etc.) has completed all 15 chapters, please encourage some written testimonies, feedback, comments, ideas, and insights from the participants. Please email or copy them and get them to me. This information will help us for future books.

3. Email me with the following information to get things rolling. (kevinkinchen@gmail.com)
– Leader’s name and contact / mailing information.
– Size and type of group.
– Bible study plan (weekly, every other week, etc.) and schedule (start and finish dates)
– A one-sentence description of the overall goal for your Bible study while using The Secret Place, Revealed.


ALSO, feel free to go to GETMYPDF.com for a FREE digital copy of The Secret Place, Revealed. Share this link with everyone you know.

I pray that many of you will step out of “your” comfort zone in 2013 and watch what God does THROUGH YOU as you and 12 others pursue this REALationship with Him. I have limited inventory so don’t delay. Email me with any questions at: kevinkinchen@gmail.com.

NOTICE the “12 IN 2013” tab at the top of this blog. Feel free to share…..

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

One thought on “12 in 2013

  1. Great idea. I will see what I can do. Sounds like a deal for me to do. Thanks I will let you know


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