5 thoughts on “Josh Kinchen’s First Message

  1. Pastor Kevin. This is Ron Cormier and old-timer from SOWERS. Had the pleasure of working there twice I remember working on and setting up the train way back when. Just to let you know you are always in my prayers and you made one big impact on my life when I needed it the most along with Pastor Al.

  2. Awesome! It helps me go through healthproblems ! Yes, The Father is useing the next genarasjon ! All my thanks to Jesus! God Bless you all!

  3. WOW!

    How precious!
    LOVED that within 5 minutes the tears flowed…priceless!

    Tender… compassionate… powerful… called.

    Like Father….
    Like Son….

    Thank you for being obediant Josh-

    Enjoyed, (needed this) sooooooooooo much!!

    Carry on!

    John & Lucy Webster

  4. Josh, I am so proud of you. I Thank God for using you too touch me and others.. Thank you for allowing God too work through you. You made my day..I Love You and your Family. God Bless and I will be Praying for You and the Family.

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