Healthy Dependence Creates True Independence…

More than ever before, today’s society wants to be “taken care of.” Whether people look to the president, the government, welfare, social security, family, or even friends, it’s all about “take care of me.” Well, it’s the right idea…..but the wrong source. Read the following about Psalms 23.

“Throughout Psalm 23 we have the revelation of God’s provision and protection. His purpose is to bring us into His house, His presence, forever. To do that He rests us with His salvation; He feeds us with Himself; He gives us His Spirit to quench our thirst; He renews our soul and guides our steps in His way. This world, however, is fallen and evil, so the Lord protects us with His presence and power even in death’s shadow. Moreover, we celebrate in front of our enemies, and are pursued by God’s goodness and mercy throughout our lifetime. The goal through all is to be before Him forever.

Here then is healthy dependence. Such dependence upon God makes us independent in this world. When we find our identity and our security in Him, we are free to deal with life and not cave in. Our heavenly Father longs to meet our dependency needs, so that we can be mature and healthy in this world—a sign of the new humanity redeemed by our Lord and invested here for His glory. (Taken from: The Preacher’s Commentary – Lloyd Ogilvie)

Think about it.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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