Choosing Leaders – Find Out Who God Wants


Whether you are a pastor, a business owner, an administrator, a group leader, or anything similar, follow God’s pattern for choosing leaders. It will save you from frustration and despair…..for you AND the other person. Here is how God does it…

In 1 Samuel 16, God tells Samuel, “So, how long are you going to mope over Saul? You know I’ve rejected him as king over Israel. Fill your flask with anointing oil and get going. I’m sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I’ve spotted the very king I want among his sons.” (1 Samuel 16:1 MSG)

NOTICE that God already spotted the person He desired to become king. He always knows who He wants where. It was Samuel’s job to allow God to lead him to that “right” person. Samuel did NOT know WHO that person was when he set out for Bethlehem. He only knew that it was one of Jesse’s sons. As Samuel stepped out in faith God assured him in verse 3 by saying, “I’ll point out the one you are to anoint.”

OK, pay attention! Here is the key to choosing leaders……When they arrived, Samuel took one look at Eliab and thought, “Here he is! God’s anointed!” But God told Samuel, “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:6-7 MSG)

Samuel almost “missed it” because he took one look at Eliab and thought, “Here he is! God’s anointed!” He had forgotten that God told him, “I’ll point out the one you are to anoint.” When Samuel “took one look at Eliab and thought” he was cooking up a recipe for trouble. Remember, God has already told him that HE would show him the right one. We cannot afford to be moved by what we see or what we think when God has already said, “I’ll point out the one.”

Never ever choose a leader according to their looks, qualifications, resumé, skills, personality, or anything else VISIBLE. Choose them according to the condition of their heart from God’s point-of-view. Skills can be taught. Looks can be improved. Personalities groomed and tamed. But only God can mold the heart of man (that includes women) in a way that will allow them to be the leader HE desires for them to become.

Samuel looked at all seven sons who were present; but he rejected all of them. Then he asked Jesse,

“Is this it? Are there no more sons?” “Well, yes, there’s the runt. But he’s out tending the sheep.” Samuel ordered Jesse, “Go get him. We’re not moving from this spot until he’s here.” Jesse sent for him. He was brought in, the very picture of health— bright-eyed, good-looking. God said, “Up on your feet! Anoint him! This is the one.” Samuel took his flask of oil and anointed him, with his brothers standing around watching. The Spirit of God entered David like a rush of wind, God vitally empowering him for the rest of his life. Samuel left and went home to Ramah. (1 Samuel 16:11-13 MSG)

Imagine that! The runt that was out tending the sheep was the one God had chosen. Not the biggest. Not the strongest. But the runt, the runt with the RIGHT HEART. God told Samuel, “THIS IS THE ONE.” just as He had promised.

LEADER, make sure you choose who God wants. Get alone with Him before you make your decision. Even Jesus spent all night in prayer right before He chose and commissioned His Apostles. (Luke 6:12-16) Let’s follow His example and watch what He does in our leadership teams. Amen.

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

One thought on “Choosing Leaders – Find Out Who God Wants

  1. Dear Loving Brother Kevin and Sister Margie in Jesus. Greeetings to you, thaank you for all the strengthening Teachings each time and it gives us new spirit in our Lives and work for our Lord. Brother,, how are you and the family and Grand children and the Ministry there, every day we pray for you, and we belive some day you will come to India again to preach and Teach and to make miracles here.

    How is sister Ann, and brother Stephen and Megan and children, we remember you all each day. Please remember us too, LOVE YOU, Your sister Lilly and Family for Jesus.


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